Management Team

Woodland Resources and its affiliated companies, are positioned to become a major independent in the domestic and international oil and gas industry. Experts in exploration and production, Woodland seeks investment opportunities that produce above average returns. Woodland's focus is to secure existing producing properties, to increase production, expand reserves and to extend the asset life expectation. In addition, Woodland and it's partners identify, aquire and generate exploration projects, geologic and seismic targets for development. Although participating in greenfield projects, management of Woodland weighs regional geology, trend results, core samples, and other evaluation methods to target projects which yield results more typical to infield development.

Woodland is staffed by top industry professionals. Woodland’s geophysicist, geologist, drilling engineers, landman, and completion experts each have more than 25 years of experience and proven track records. The team’s executives have collectively drilled over 500 wells and are experts in the management of drilling operations. Woodland maintains an active referral network from other Independents, actively to review new ideas from Industry leading prospect generators. With decades of experience, Woodland’s team understands both high price and low price environments, and can move rapidly to take advantage of strategic exits, reducing operating risk through hedging, and has the fortitude necessary to operate through uncertain economic times.

Michael E Patman, Director of Operations
Michael E. Patman
Director of Operations

Phillip Galyen
Phillip Galyen
Managing Member

Robert M Spencer
Robert M. "Bob" Spencer

Robert Luna
Robert "Bob" Luna

Lee Vasquez
Lee Vasquez
Business Development


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