About Us

Mexico Oil and Gas Drilling Services

Woodland Resources, LLC is based in Rio Vista, Texas, southwest of Dallas and Ft. Worth. Since its inception in 2005, the company has built strategic relationships with major oil companies and independent operators. Our focus for the long term is on quality service and competitive pricing.

Current Operations    

Our operating division is centered in the heart of the Texas Barnett Shale formation, the nation's most prolific natural gas region. Distinctively positioned from both a geographic and development standpoint, Woodland Resources, LLC has continued to capitalize on a ready market for contract oil and gas land drilling services, upgrading equipment and vigorously training drilling crews that serve both multinational and independent oil and gas companies with a premium fleet.

With the ongoing demand for drilling services, the utilization of the Company’s rigs is assured though independent exploration companies. As we to add to our drilling rig inventory, new rigs should be quickly tied to long-term agreements.



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